Support exists for one simple reason:  All children deserve a “real” family and a “real” home.  Children deserve more than simply being cared for by “staff” in a facility.  They also often need more than what traditional unsupported foster parents are able to provide long-term.  In order to provide this excellent care long-term in a foster home, families need support. 

Being a parent is a full-time job, so all aspects of life (housing, vehicles, gas, money for groceries, kids clothing, activities, etc.) are provided by Soaring Wings so parents can focus on one thing - being parents.  To ensure that all of the foster parent’s needs are met they are also provided a salary, health insurance, and other benefits.

We have a full-time social worker on campus who attends all court hearings, DHS staffings, and advocates on behalf of the foster parents and their children.  As an advocate for our foster parents and their children, the Social Worker ensures that our team’s perspective is well represented along with serving as a resource for the parents and children in all happenings of the case.

Our Education Specialist helps our foster parents navigate the complexities of 504s, IEPs, and other academic issues. The education specialist oversees our tutoring and literacy classes and secures our strong relationship with our local schools.

We have a campus chaplain and a weekly devotion time with others in the ministry to provide spiritual encouragement and emotional support to our team members.

We have other families of foster parents on our campus, a full-time Campus Director, and other support staff available to assist with issues at any time.

The initial training in therapeutic intervention we offer is consistent with our Christian worldview and is ongoing through weekly support meetings.

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