Grounded in the promises set forth in Isaiah 40:30-31, Soaring Wings is a Christ-centered home for children, providing long-term resources to those in need of a chance to soar. Soaring Wings strives to empower families through personal healing and child advocacy.  While our Christ-centered approach includes various resources and support, our mission reaches far beyond the need for a stable home environment. 

Our goal is to provide all the support each child needs to reach his/her potential and understand the love of God.  We strive to give each child the tools needed to navigate life successfully while at Soaring Wings and beyond.  While they are here, they learn, grow, and heal.  Our ultimate hope is that, from here, our children will be able to face life with a fresh perspective, the strength to take on new challenges, and a love that is simliar to what they experienced in our setting. They will not fear what lies ahead.  From here, they will soar! 

From the moment they enter our campus, our children experience life as a member of a solid family anchored by compassionate and nurturing house parents.

Weekly individual and family therapy addresses social, emotional and mental health needs.

Our children are surrounded by the quiet peace and tranquility of a rural ranch where bike riding, trail walking and fishing are a part of everyday life.

Each child has the opportunity to hear the good news and is encouraged to participate in spiritual growth opportunities.

Individualized educational services ensure each child achieves the level of academic excellence he or she is capable of reaching.

Soaring Wings Ranch will assist each child in developing a skill of their choosing. This will include such things as sports, martial arts, scouting, hiking, horseback riding, music, dance, etc. The emphasis will be on developing a skill that will last a lifetime.​​​

“For those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  


Isaiah 40:30-31

P.O. Box 1670 | Conway, AR  72033 |  Tel: 501-849-2253 | Email: info@soaringwingsranch.com

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