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Train Up a Child




Soaring Wings currently has two homes for girls and one home for boys, each housing eight children.  In Spring 2017, we also added a new home for Infants & Toddlers, enabling us to serve 31 children total and opening up the door for more sibling groups to stay together when out-of-home placement is needed. The children live in each home with a full-time house parent couple; committed Christians who have been "called" into this special work.  

The goal of each home is to maintain an environment that offers each child a chance to develop into a confident young adult with a high degree of self-sufficiency, exemplary work ethic, a strong ethical base with a clear understanding of right and wrong, a team player mentality, and a biblical understanding of sin and forgiveness. We are highly focused on the whole person and development of the spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational facets of life.  Keep reading to learn about how these things are carried out in the context of daily life and relationships. 


The driving force behind Soaring Wings is for each child to "soar on wings like eagles."  It is our belief that a healthy and complete life begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ.  To this end, each child will have the opportunity to come to know Jesus personally through the following:

  • Daily devotions in the homes

  • Attending church with their Soaring Wings family

  • Participation in student ministries, FCA, summer camps, etc.

  • Living in a Christian home and being around a Christian staff.

The development of character is an integral part of life for the children and staff. Daily home devotionals focus on developing character through the study of biblical principles and the lives of men and women of the Bible. As a child demonstrates an interest in spiritual matters, Soaring Wings will provide a mentoring process in this area. House parents and staff will meet with the child regularly to develop this interest and nurture them.  



Children who come to Soaring Wings (along with their families) have a unique set of issues which precipitate their need for out-of-home placement. In order to address these things, each child will receive counseling as needed, to include the following:


  • Individual and group therapy

  • Family therapy with the child's natural custodial family and extended family, if possible. 


If the child's natural family shows initiative and puts forth effort to do so, they will receive support and training in parenting their child and in helping him/her establish healthy relationships with family and non-family members.  Family counseling will be available only to families of children with the potential to be reunited. 


Soaring Wings will assist each child in developing a skill of their choosing. This will include such things as sports, martial arts, scouting, hiking, horseback riding, music, dance, etc. The emphasis will be on developing a skill that will last a lifetime.​​​

when they arrive


when they are here


when they leave



Many children who come to Soaring Wings will be behind academically.  Each child will have the opportunities he or she needs to improve their academic performance, which will aid in self-confidence.  The children attend the quality public schools available to us in our town. Upon arriving at Soaring Wings, each child is evaluated to determine if there are academic deficiencies.  The children receive tutoring twice-a-week to help them overcome any academic challenges. When the Welcome Learning Counseling Center is completed, our children will have an on-site tutoring center fully equipped with a library, computers and all necessary literature and equipment to aid in the learning process.   

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